Westworld: The video game available on IOS and Android

Warner Bros today announces the availability of a Westworld management game on IOS and Android, based on the famous HBO series.

Westworld also in video game

The famous Westworld series, signed HBO, has just been declined into a mobile video game, available both on IOS and Android. For the occasion, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made the choice to offer a mobile simulation game, obviously inspired by the series. A game that invites players to the seductive world of Westworld, where they will embody a new employee of Delos who can access the simulation of training of the park.

Written by writers of the series, the game Westworld offers players to control all aspects of the administration of the park, from the manufacture of the hosts with artificial intelligence to their management and their improvement, as well as the satisfaction of Many desires of the guests. The content of the game covers the first season of the series, as well as additional elements of the second season, which will be available online after its release, in order to avoid any spoiler.

A game with two level gameplay promises the publisher. Thus, above ground, players discover the Westerns-worthy experience offered to visitors, with emblematic places and a variety of hosts. Below the ground, they navigate the technological facilities of Delos, where the hosts are manufactured, repaired and improved, and where new equipment can be activated to evolve the park.

Westworld is offered for free to download on IOS as on Android, and obviously offers its batch of in-app purchases.

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