Videos arrive on Instagram... with other features

Instagram has recently launched its IGTV video platform. The Facebook affiliate does not stop along the way and offers several new features, including the video conversation that Mark Zuckerberg had announced at the F8 conference.

If you use Instagram, you'll probably enjoy the new video chat feature that just happened: you can chat in video with your Instagram contacts. Just press the camera icon in a conversation window. Group video conversations are also possible, with a maximum of 4 different contacts.

The video chat hides an interesting feature: You can minimize the conversation window in order to continue using Instagram. This will appeal to users of Instagram who are the most addicted or to the discovery of content, if your contact recommends you when communicating to go see this or that photo in order to discuss it in real time.

Instagram has also adapted the content discovery system based on IGTV. Themes are offered below the search bar, we find a menu  "for you " as well as access to art, sport or fashion. In total there are 12 themes. Note that at the moment the custom recommendations are a bit peculiar but the algorithm must still learn from your use, this feature will improve over time.

Among the novelties, we can also mention new effects on the camera. Personalities such as Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel or Liza Koshy are part of the game.

These novelties will be available on both Android and IOS. It is possible that you do not see it right away, but be patient, they will arrive

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