The game disc ' Fortnite ' sells a fortune on the internet

On the internet, the few owners of the physical version of the video game ' Fortnite ' sell their game record at gold prices.

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The success of the video game ' Fortnite ' turns the heads and empties the wallets. Available for free and exclusively in dematerialized (understand for download only), it is quite possible to play ' Fortnite ' without spending any pieces. But most of the gaming community does not hesitate to spend money in the game. Another example of the madness ' Fortnite ', the price of the game in physical version (case and disc of the game) on the Internet

Last summer, the game developer (Epic Games) had an agreement with his publisher (Gearbox Software) to market a physical version of the game. Product in very limited quantity, the few copies available in shelves quickly found buyers. An acquisition that now looks like an investment when you look at resale prices on the Internet. Long before the birth of the phenomenon ' Fortnite ', these copies of the video game were sold $60, the price of a new video game in store. At that time, ' Fortnite ' did not yet possess the mode of play that made it famous. This famous ' Battle Royale ' mode that everyone is ripping off.

Since then it is possible to find copies of game sold $130, see even a little more than $200 for this copy. Be aware that one of these copies, still conditioned under its original plastic, sold $449.99. 

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