The best adventure games on Android

 that's what fans of adventure games want. We will present in this article the games that we seem to be the best in this genre.

Game of Thrones

The books of George R.R. Martin as well as the derivative series have become cults and so it is not surprising to find them in a video game. In this adventure, you are plunged north of Westeros with the house Forrester. It is better to be familiar with the universe of Game of Thrones, of course, but the beautiful graphics, the simplicity of the game and its ambience make it a very interesting adventure game. It contains 6 episodes and a second game is currently being developed.

Lost Echo

You play as Greg, Chloe's friend. The latter calls you and seems nervous, she wants you to find yourself at the park. As she gets her ice cream, she suddenly disappears. The strange thing is that no one remembers her! Will you find out where she left off? This interesting story is played with beautiful graphics, all in music. Beginners will appreciate the help that is offered in the game, the more experienced players appreciate just as much to be able to disable this help.

Secret Files Tunguska
It took more than 8 years for players to finally see Secret Files Tunguska. The expectation was worth it, especially because of its history. The Héroöne, Nina, finds itself at the center of a criminal case involving conspiracies, secret experiments and abductions. The gameplay Point and Click is also one of the strengths of the game and will delight fans of the genre.

Gemini Street
This game appeared in 2011 on PC and it did not take long to get to also convince users on mobile. This is a pretty dark sci-fi game reminiscent of classic films such as Blade Runner. In this strange atmosphhère, you embody the professional kill Azriel Odin who is looking for his brother. The story is interesting and being able to play two characters changes a bit from the traditional games.

The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2)
Those who know the series or the comics The Walking Dead know that the fight against the undead is exciting, difference and sometimes a bit sad. In these games of Telltale, you will find all these feelings. After several minutes of play, you already tremble with the main characters and want them to survive the apocalypse

Season 1

Season 2

Finding Teddy

This game tells the story of a little girl whose plush was stolen by a monster in her sleep. As she searches for her pet in a closet, she finds herself propelled into a magical world in which she will fight monsters and help other creatures while continuing her search. The game follows a classic Point and click Model, in which it is enough to tap on the screen to discover the surroundings, or even to make slips-deposited to use objects. You will find no dialogue in the game, only riddles that need to be drawn to the light. In addition, you can save your progress in the game at any time. The graphics give the game a special atmosphere that is nice.

Unknown soldiers
War is a theme often discussed in video games. Unlike violent games such as Call of Duty, unknown soldiers tackles the subject more gently while showing the horror of the first war. As part of this adventure game, different people clash on the battlefields. The game uses UbiArt Framework (already known from Rayman Legends and Child of Light) to show these terrible stories and insert this atmosphere. The game does not have particularly revolutionary elements but this is largely offset by the magnificent scenario.


Under beautiful guitar tunes, you help a little robot to save the city from another robot trying to destroy it. This is a Point-and-Click game that gets convincing thanks to the Steampunk graphics and its original game concept.

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