Self-contained vehicles will not stop traffic jams

A report from the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group states that autonomous vehicles will not allow us to end traffic jams.

Very frequent, not to say daily, in entrances and exits of cities, traffic jams are an easy one for motorists. Without coming to explain all the mechanics of building a traffic jam, know that most are born of a human error. So this is where the self-contained vehicles are supposed to save us no? Well, I guess not.

According to the study cited above, traffic in the metropolitan area of Boston, with the introduction of self-contained vehicles, will be 5.5 times greater than at present. Indeed, the hypothesis formulated in the study report is that public transport will be less used for short trips for the benefit of personal vehicles.

Very rich in information, the study report highlights several elements to support the theory that we are not finished with traffic jams. Finally, the same report offers several solutions to traffic problems in the city of Boston. Otherwise, there is always the bike...

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