OPENROV TRIDENT: A submarine DRONE for exploring the seabed

After conquering the sky with the drones, we can now explore the seabed, thanks to the new submarine Drône called Trident of OpenROV available for private individuals.

A versatile underwater DRÔNE

Whether it's for work or pleasure, the trident allows you to explore the seabed, fitted two thrusters at the back, as well as a 1080p-filmed camera (live data transferred), with a sturdy shell and a simple design that protects Components of the Drône.

For leisure, but also for research

This drône would not only be for recreational purposes but could well help a good cause, especially in terms of research. Indeed, between sending a drône and diving oneself, there is a big difference in relation to the means, and the risks. The Drône can allow to explore places inaccessible for humans, such as underwater caves, or dangerous places (brine basins etc...)
The Drône Trident is thus, one more step for the general public underwater exploration

Features of the TRIDENT

Equipped with a 1080p camera and capable of going at a depth of 100m at a maximum speed of 2m/s (7.2 km/h), the Trident has an autonomy of 3h and is offered at a price of $1499.

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