Instagram Stories Now More Popular than Snapchat

Thursday, June 28, 2018, Instagram announced that its stories function had now 400 million active daily users. This is more than double the number of people visiting Snapchat each day.

  • Instagram's stories feature now has 400 million of daily users.
  • Snapchat — who invented the format stories — still has fewer than 200 million users in total.
  • Instagram, bought by Facebook, announced this month to have more than a billion users.

Instagram's stories are a personal stream of photos and videos that are added by the user and disappear after 24 hours. The format was created by Snapchat, but Facebook has since taken over the idea and incorporated it into its main apps including Instagram, WHATSAPP, Facebook and Messenger. 

It's a big hit for Instagram, and its number of daily users has grown by 150 million during the year that has just elapsed. In June 2017, he claimed 250 million of daily users.

This new figure of 400 million ridicules Snapchat, which indicated in its results of T1 2018 have 191 million of active daily users (without specifying how many of them use Snapchat stories).

This also means that just under half of the Instagram users use the stories. This month, Instagram has announced that it has exceeded the bar of the billion monthly active users.

Instagram has also announced a new feature for its stories this Thursday. Users can now add music to their stories, which will play automatically when someone looks at it.

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