Instagram now allows to add music in the stories

Instagram announces a new feature: the ability to integrate a soundtrack into stories.

Instagram claims more than 400 million people using stories on a daily basis (although it is not clear whether this number concerns only the producers of stories or all those who post and watch them).

In any case, this format has become an absolutely inevitable must, whether for individuals or brands, since as Instagram explains, "stories have become a huge territory of expression for the community that shares its Daily life with his loved ones.

All the music I love, it comes in stories

In order to strengthen its offer around this phenomenon, Instagram announces a new feature encouraging more creativity and expression: music in stories. It is now possible to add a soundtrack to his photo or video in a Storie Instagram this way.

  • After creating a photo or video, it is possible to add music by pressing the sticker menu and selecting the music sticker. On IOS, it is also possible to select a song before capturing your photo or video by selecting the music format of your camera
  • It is possible to search for a specific song, browse by mood, genre or popularity. By dragging the cursor forward or backward, it is possible to select the extract that best matches its story.
  • When Subscribers discover the Story, the song will be played automatically. A sticker with the title of the song and the name of the artist will also appear.

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