Instagram Lite: a new lite and faster application to save your data

Instagram has just launched Instagram Lite version of the photo and video sharing application. Like Facebook Lite or Facebook Messenger Lite, this new application benefits from the main features of the original version. Lighter than Instagram (barely 573 kb), Instagram Lite is primarily aimed at users of an entry-level smartphone or users who are anxious to save their data.

Instagram Lite is currently being tested on Android smartphones in Mexico, report our confreres from TechCrunch. "We are currently testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses less mobile data and starts up much faster,"

Instagram Lite: A light application dedicated to entry-level smartphones
In the same optics as the Facebook Lite application, Instagram Lite is much lighter than the original edition. The application weighs in fact only 573kb, against an average of 30mb for the classical Instagram. To reduce the size to this extent, Instagram would have simply transformed the Web version into a native application.

Here is a complete list of Instagram Lite's announced features:

  • Publish photos or videos and edit them using the famous Instagram filters
  • Post several photos within your stories and edit them with filters, stickers...
  • Discover the stories published by the contacts you subscribed to
  • Discover stories, photos and videos of different users via the Explorer section

To reduce the consumption of mobile data and allow the application to be more responsive on the most modest devices, Instagram has been forced to make a cross on private messages that allow to chat with your contacts. The social network has ensured that this option will be back in the final version of Instagram Lite. For the time being, it is still unknown when this lite version will be available to all users.

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