Do you really need to charge the phone battery to 100%?

The myths and legends about the batteries of smartphones have become so commonplace that we no longer know what to believe. The most popular hypothesis is not to charge the battery up to 100% in order to avoid creating long-term damage. This is not entirely wrong but it is not necessary to respect this rule at all times... Find out why in the article below.

You probably read somewhere that a lithium battery should be maintained between 20% and 100%. Due to the load cycles, the maximum and minimum level may vary and over time the phone must be recharged more often. It's a problem that all phones meet.

charging your smartphone at 100% can cause negative effects on your battery, at least in the long run. This is simply due to the fact that you charge the battery longer, that the heat is therefore more important and that it can damage the batteries more quickly. A constant charge causes a temperature increase. In the end, this has an impact on the battery and may damage it in the long run.

If you read the tests we publish on new smartphones, you probably noticed that an item often comes back to the battery chapter: reloading X% to Y% lasts Z minutes. This does not mean that this phone was specially designed to be loaded much faster than the others, this simply reflects how different lithium batteries are. The latter need more time to reach the highest load percentages.

As several experts advise, it is more advisable to load your smartphone by carrying out short loads. So the phone will not have time to overheat, and therefore to suffer damage. Since the charging is faster in the first half of the load, it is therefore interesting to recharge the device up to a value of around 80%. 

Another great dilemma is whether you can let the phone charge at night. On the one hand, it is preferable that the device is not subjected to a prolonged charge, but on the other hand, when the phone is charged it no longer allows the energy to return. In other words, if your smartphone is recharged for 8 hours, it does not mean it will spend 8 hours loading.

All this is nice but... 
We have explained above how to recharge your phone so that the battery can survive as long as possible. However, the autonomy of the phones is far from perfect and it is not always possible to access a plug to recharge them, so we tend to recharge our phone to 100% so that the autonomy can last longer.

So it's important to understand how the battery charge works on a smartphone, and you have to think about it before plugging it in. If you charge your device in the middle of the afternoon, you don't need to charge it up to 100% but if you charge it before you leave in the morning, you may need all the energy you can to hold the day.

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