A German student invented an airbag for your phone

  • The shell for telephone with shock absorber (AD), patented by German student Philip Frenzel, is a fine alternative to bulky shells, and with a good trick in addition.
  • At the moment it is only a prototype — but the AD shell should be able to detect the fall of the phone and deploy springs to bounce it when it touches the ground, which would prevent scratching or breakage.
  • When you have picked up your phone, you just have to put the springs inside.

There are many kinds of shells that protect your phone — from water, scratches, breakages and other possible damage. But these shells often have a price: they add a consequent volume to objects often stored in a pocket all day.

A German student named Philip Frenzel has patented a potential solution to this problem: the AD shell (shock absorber) for telephone. The hull contains sensors that detect the free fall of the phone, which causes the deployment of four springs that bounce the phone when it reaches the ground — dampening the shock and avoid breakage and scratching.

If this shell appears to be a good solution for falls on a flat surface, it may not avoid scratches or breakage if the phone fell on an irregular edge or on a non-uniform surface.

The hull has not yet been put up for sale, but Frenzel has already obtained its patent and received an award for its invention from the German mechatronics company.


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