6 Free software for your (new) PC

Have you just acquired (or been offered) a new computer? Beyond the usual software, I offer 6 free software, useful and practical to simplify your life and be more productive on your daily computer.

We use a lot of software for various tasks on our computer. On a new PC in general, they are installed as the various needs are felt. Being a big fan of these softwares that simplify life, I wanted to share with you those I install to cover most basic needs on my new machines.

GREENSHOT: Making Screenshots
GreenShot is a free screenshot software. His interest lies in the advanced features compared to the simple "ImprEcran" button that captures the entire screen and saves it to the Clipboard.

GreenShot allows you to set 3 modes: Capture the entire screen, an active zone or window through key combinations. It is also possible to configure the output mode as well as an image file name that will be saved automatically in a defined folder.

The Copy to Clipboard mode allows you to directly paste the capture you just made into a Word or Powerpoint document. It is very convenient for writing reports, summary documents or to insert a screenshot in an email. The "Backup to Folder" mode allows you to save all the images of the captures made in a folder that can be viewed later to find all the catches made.

For use, this free software is proving much more convenient than the capture tool on Windows 7 and later versions


Paint NET is a software for editing and retouching images. I use it for several years and I have not yet found a substitute. The peculiarity of this advanced version of the Paint software is the ability to work on layers like on Photoshop. There are also several tools to make selections, add colors and draw shapes, but also make effects (black/white, Gaussian blur), adjust the noise on the image, etc....

F. LUX: Adjust the brightness of the screen to less fatigue the eyes

F. Lux is a handy tool that I highly recommend for those who spend long hours in front of their computer screen, especially in the evenings or at night. Indeed, it reduces the "blue light" effect of computer screens. This feature of the screens allows them to have a satisfactory readability even with a high exposure to the sun.

From the settings options, the software detects the time of day or night and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen. Enough to prevent eye fatigue related to working on screen especially at night as well as some sleep disturbances.

PDF CREATOR: Create and merge PDF files

PDF Creator is a software that is no longer to be presented. It allows you to generate PDFs from your documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or images. Beyond this basic function, it allows to merge several documents to the printing to make a single PDF file. Then it allows to print to have output a PDF file, but can also give output an image file (PNG or JPG).

Fences: Organize your WINDOWS desktop

Fences is a Windows desktop organization software. In fact, as software is installed, shortcuts are installed on the desktop. They mix with the files and folders that are created and the whole thing quickly becomes illegible.

Fences makes it possible to find clarity on the desktop by creating Windows by items where to store the elements of the Office (folders, files, software, etc...). In addition, a very convenient feature makes it possible to remove all the icons of the desktop with a double-click on the desktop, to find a pleasant space quickly.

WINDIRSTAT: Scan hard disk space

Finally, I offer you a bonus free software that will not be useful from the beginning on your new computer. However, it can help you clean up your previous computer.

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